From the Office

It’s time to renew your Kroger card account to benefit St. Anastasia.  This past fiscal year saw Kroger donate to St. Anastasia just in excess of $2,000.  Again I want to point out that this amount is not added on to your bill, it is based on your total purchase at Kroger.  The donations come direct from Kroger to St. Anastasia at the end of each fiscal quarter.  Please consider this “easy” way to help St. Anastasia and its ministries.  There is an article following in today’s bulletin that details how to sign up.  I want to reinforce that if you have signed up in the past, you need to renew it, it expires as of April 1st.

We are still going through the budgeting process and right now it looks like our budget for next year will pretty much be a mirror image of this year’s budget. That may be a bit risky in that the offertory is $30,000 behind, but I’m the eternal optimist and I have a strong feeling that an improvement in the economy is under way and that we’ll see the results in the offertory.  Of course….it would also not be the first time I’ve been wrong…just ask my wife…or you could also ask the staff!

We will be making a change in our lawn care this year.  We had considered doing it ourselves but the cost of proper equipment, maintaining it, and the additional liability insurance involved proved to push the payback period to beyond my two year threshold out to in excess of four years…that’s too long in my book.  We put a “Request for Quote” together and sent it out to 4 contractors, including the one we had last year.  We will be making a change to a new service this year at a savings to us of $3,500.  The Service we had last year wanted an increase which we told them we would not accept; they were unwilling to give us the same deal as last year, we even gave them extra time to consider their proposal… so we went with a new provider.

God Bless, Franz