Business Manager’s Updates

From the Office

I got a few questions via e-mail regarding the paper recycling program and how successful it has been. For FY 2008/09 we received $1,327.57 from Abitibi Recycling. So far this fiscal year (July 1st to present) we’ve received $501.06. At this pace we will exceed last year by about 20%. Please continue to bring your old papers to the recycling center located in the back corner of the parking lot and encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same.

Both Father J.J. and I have let you know about the donuts/coffee program not supporting itself by a large margin. Father J.J. has decided in the short term to keep the program going, but has asked me to keep him apprised of the money in verses the money out. For last fiscal year, we spent $8,623.67 for this program while it brought in $2,476.00 (covering 28% of the cost; quite a large disparity). So far this fiscal year, we have spent $2,553.26 and have brought in $1,356.18 (covering year to date 53%), a nice increase that I hope lasts and even improves. We are still falling short but getting closer. I encourage those of you taking advantage of this ministry to continue your support of it.   

I’d like to announce a fall push on the pavers. We will be running this until the end of October, then get them installed the 2nd/3rd week in November in time for Thanksgiving and the holiday season. What a nice way to remember someone special to you, an event, or to commemorate your family as part of St. Anastasia. The specifics are on the website; you can view paver samples outside already installed or in our new display case in the Narthex against the west wall by the chapel. This display case is a work of art in and of itself. We paid for the materials, and the workmanship, including the finish varnish and polyurethane, was all donated by Lon Ullmann.

I promised you a financial report for FY 08/09 sometime during September. Well, I didn’t lie to you; I just didn’t do it yet.  As I was discussing not getting this done with a well respected member of the parish, he said it all…”Franz, you’ve got plenty of reasons but no excuses!”  He’s right. I will have it for you in the next couple weeks. I also want to continue to encourage you to sign up for automated donations – it’s a good program. See the website for details or call or write me if you want to discuss it. 

As a Deacon, I check the Ordo every day. The Ordo is a book issued to those in Liturgical Ministry and it is our guide as it tells the official colors for the day, feast days, and any other special events that we need to know about. It also lists the members of the clergy that have died on that particular day and encourages us to pray for them on that day during our Liturgy of the Hours.  For October 2, 1998, I noticed Father William Davidson. I couldn’t help but reflect on what Father Davidson would think about St. Anastasia today or the state of our country and world affairs.  From what others have told me, he would not be shy about sharing his views.  Father Davidson gave us a wonderful foundation to build on, but if he came back and found everything the same at St. Anastasia as when he left us, he would probably take us all to task; needs today are much different than they were 10 or 15 years ago. Since Father Davidson we’ve been blessed with Father Ken, Father John, and now Father J.J.  Each pastor in his own right is leaving their mark on St. Anastasia and all have played a roll in making it what it is today and what it will be in the future. But regardless of what the pastor wants to do or is planning on doing, it all starts and stops with you, The People of God. Without your support nothing will get done. Even Jesus relied on those He was ministering to for support in life’s everyday requirements. I ask your prayers for the past pastors of St. Anastasia, but especially for Father J.J. as he faces the toughest economic challenges most of us have seen. And please pray for the staff as we support Father J.J. in making good decisions for St. Anastasia and delivering quality and timely ministry to you the parishioners…who really are the past, present and future of St. Anastasia.

God bless, Franz