Fr. Jim Grau

My name is Fr. Jim Grau. I grew up in Livonia and am the oldest of four siblings – with one brother and two sisters. We were members of St. Michael Parish and went to the parish school there. I then attended U of D Jesuit for high school. It was then that I began to seriously consider a vocation to the priesthood. I know it had crossed my mind before, but it was only in high school that I really began to consider if God was calling me to this. More and more frequently, I began to pray for a few minutes in front of the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel there. I remember talking to an older Jesuit there about how to discover what God wants, and he just told me to keep praying. It was not the answer I wanted, because I was open to doing whatever God wanted, but I wanted an easy answer right away, and the idea of more time and prayer was frustrating! But I did know that God wanted me to be holy regardless of how He wanted me to live that holiness out in particular, so I just worked on that. I continued to pray about a calling to the priesthood as I went to college. The thought of it kept returning to me, and sometimes the idea of it thrilled me, but other times I really resisted it. In time, though, I had a growing suspicion that this really was what God wanted—especially since this wasn’t an idea that I would come up with myself. Eventually I got to the point where I knew the only place to really discern further was the seminary, and sure enough, that initial suspicion gradually grew into a conviction that this was God’s plan for me!