Fr. J.J.’s Jottings

Knights of the Round Tables?
If you have had a meeting in the Davidson Center recently and have gotten splinters in your elbows, you knew we were sorely in need of new tables.  Well, thanks to our illustrious Knights of Columbus Council, we have all new, yes you read that right, all new tables. “Thank you” to my brother Knights for your generosity and for all you do to make St. Anastasia such a great place.

P.S. The Knights are willing to remove any splinters at no cost (as long as you were not sitting on the table!?!) 

Only Good Will Come From This
Are you aware that we celebrate Exposition here at the parish? In fact we are going to be celebrating even more. Presently we Expose the Lord in the Chapel after the 9:30am Mass every Wednesday until 6:45am Thursday morning. Every First Friday of the Month we Expose the Lord after the 9:30am Mass Friday morning until 8:00am Sunday morning. In addition we will now Expose the Lord after the 9:30am Mass on Monday morning until 8:00pm Monday night.

Countless religious, including many saints and popes over the centuries, have extolled the great spiritual blessings and benefits we can derive from Eucharistic adoration. Pope John Paul II calling it “a great treasure of the Catholic faith” noted that “it nourishes social love” and encouraged all Christians to visit Jesus regularly in the Blessed Sacrament as “we are all called to abide in the presence of God.”

Speaking of being called, what is so important for us to realize is that Christ calls us, each one of us, to visit Him in Eucharistic adoration much as He called His apostles! Our Lord said on the cross “I thirst” and, indeed, He thirsts for us! Jesus is waiting for us in tabernacles all over the world. 

Four of our adorers who sign up regularly for an hour spot are dealing with surgeries and other medical challenges. They are no longer able to fill their hour and we are not allowed to expose the Eucharist if no one is present, therefore we need your help.  Think about how precious and intimate it is when the Chapel is reserved for you and Jesus alone. We need your help to fill in a few of the now vacant spots: weekly on Thursdays from 2—3am, once a month on Saturday from 8—9pm, and we need helpers for benediction on Mondays at 8pm and Thursdays at 6:45am.  Please call the parish office and let us know if you can assist.

God bless,
Fr. J.J.