Fr. J.J.’s Jottings

It would be perfect for you to be pleasant and playful at the Parish Picnic (Peter Piper may be there!)

There are various ways in which we can entertain ourselves on a Sunday afternoon; video games, watching TV, going to a movie – just to name a few American pass times. I can’t imagine what our disposition might be at the end of any of those events.

I challenge you to join us for this weekend’s Parish Picnic at Jaycee Park (Between Rochester and John R on the north side of Long Lake Rd). It begins with Mass at 12:15 and goes to 4 p.m. There will be hot dogs, burgers, beer, games, prizes and fun. Bring a lawn chair to sit on.

We share the event with our collaboration partner St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. We can make some new friends. The purpose of the picnic is to make the best use of a day. A picnic inspires a common action among a group of friends. It keeps us in a good mood. It makes us go to the nearest park and enjoy nature, which is beneficial to our health. It gives us the pleasure of feast and forest. We enjoy in common. Then we come back with a light heart and happy mind. This is a lot more fun than plunking down on the couch and watching a reality show rerun.

See you there. Remember, the 12:15 is at the park and there is no 5:00 p.m. Mass this weekend!!

We are getting close!
   Have you ever tried to play a baseball game with 2 people? It really can’t be done. Have you ever tried to pay off a $248,532 bill with only 517 people? It is not that feasible either. That is what is happening with this year’s CSA. We are presently about 75% of the way with $185,330 pledged so far from 517 of our parishioners. We need to make up $63,203 or we take it out of our operating budget. I don’t want to have to cut something. That would be challenging. Last year I tried to not pay Fr. Eric and for some reason he got really mad. Plus he doesn’t make enough to make up this shortfall, sooooo it is up to you. If you have not given yet to the CSA, I strongly encourage you to be generous and give. I have heard four times in the last week that the reason why folks joined here at St. A’s is that we do so much. I want to continue to offer all of our programs and continue to have all of our staff so we can continue to grow. Please talk to your family and donate. Thank you.

God bless,
Fr. J.J.