First Communions

Our clergy and staff are pleased to announce some adjustments in the format of our First Communion celebrations at St. Anastasia.  For several years now, we have been prayerfully considering this move and its impact upon our First Communicants, their families, and the community at large.

This spring, we will offer two Corporate First Communions, both on Saturdays mornings in June.  Families will also participate in rehearsals the night before.

There are, of course, many practicalities that make this particular approach possible right now – including Archdiocesan directives, the number of students, our current ordained ministers and other staff, and the church space itself. It could be that in the future the procedure will change again.

Currently, we see these advantages in this Dual Corporate Communion format:

  •  Music expressly chosen for the Mass
  • Readings appropriate to the message of the day
  • Continued family involvement
  • A grand set of presiders for a grand occasion!
  • Aha! Learning moments for everyone in attendance
  • Homilies specifically geared to the children and the event
  • Flexibility in scheduling for the families
  • Reception of “Second Communion” within 36 hours, reinforcing the beauty of the Gift
  • Streamlining of the regular weekend Masses
  • The children’s sense of community as co-initiates to this Divine Mystery

We are always willing and able to help folks find alternatives to suit special needs, so there will be a few First Communions celebrated during our spring Masses, too.  Please continue to pray for our Communicants as they approach the Lord’s table!  Thanks!