It’s been a remarkable ride over the last few months as our staff has prayerfully sought direction, placement, and re-placement…. Of course, the remarkable often happens when we place ourselves at God’s whim.  Mary knows this.  She had a good, solid plan for her life before Gabriel showed up with a better proposal –  Will you be ineffably intimate with God?  Will you be forever changed, forever blessed?

So, in staying open and willing like our Blessed Mother, we have discovered one “last” joyful change:  though we originally thought Josylin Mateus was going to be our new pre-2 coordinator, she is instead  going to be our Middle School Ministry coordinator, and Kristin Craig will be our new pre-2 coordinator!  We are all excited to begin ministry with both of these smart, creative, and enthusiastic women.  If you need a review of all the updated positions, just check out the back of our bulletin or our website, or stop by to say hello!