When I was little, our home’s single-paned windows would feature a considerable layer of frosty ice on the inside of them about this time of year.  I used to love to peek out at the street lights, headlights, and Christmas lights through the varying kinds of sparkling rainbows that I could create by scratching at the ice, or breathing on it, or just leaving it alone.  (I bet you can hear my mom, “Marian Donna!  Leave those windows alone!”)  I would most often find myself stationed at those front windows, fidgeting with joyful anticipation, when we were expecting an arrival:  the UPS truck, or party guests, or — best of all — a big sibling home from college.  One Christmas Eve, I swear, I even spied Rudolph’s nose.  I simply couldn’t resist the joy of the waiting, and the pure appropriateness of being on hand for The Big Moment.


Are we like that, still, on this Fourth Sunday of Advent?  Are our souls dancing with anticipation?  Are we unable to stay away from the idea of “Soon!!”?  I hope so.  Because the Holy Family is drawing closer.  Their sparkling radiance invites our wonder.  Their infinite beauty encourages our awe.  The truth, love, and mercy they bring can increasingly make us, in the best sense, innocent again.  So let’s stay on our toes, my friends.  Not to turn them away as did the poor innkeeper who missed his chance, but to throw open the doors of our hearts so as to welcome in our own redemption.

Marian Bart
Parish Catechetical Leader