CS Thought for the week….

The Confessions of St Augustine

“Your exceedingly great mercy, and on that alone, rests all my hope.”
Are there times when you miss the mark? Times when you haven’t really done the best you could do?

There are times when I fall down, and try again. First I ask for forgiveness and light to my path. Sometimes I am not sure what the right path is. He knows where we should be going. We need to find a quiet time in the day and listen. Ask Him for guidance and He will hold our hand. Sometimes I believe I feel His hand in mine.

The night before my father passed, he came to my house, held my hand and let me know he will always be there when ever I needed him. Truly, that is a gift and a hopeful sign for our future.

Can you feel His hand in yours? Effort is required.

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