Can you help make friendly phone calls?


We are both dedicated and excited at the opportunity to make sure that each parishioner at St. Anastasia knows about the chance to get their picture in our Pictorial Directory!  This directory will be a historical issue – a celebration of 50 years as a parish in the Troy community and we don’t want any one to miss it!  For their participation, they will receive one FREE 8 x 10 color portrait and one FREE directory (the directory will not available for purchase – in order to receive one you must participate).

Many hearts and hands are needed to make phone calls from our parish offices inviting fellow parishioners to participate and schedule their family’s photography session.  (Script provided!) Minimal computer skills are helpful, and we will show you the rest!  Click here to see time slots available.

Because the offices close at 5 pm during the summer (and earlier Fridays and Saturdays) we REALLY need those of you who are available during the day!   Please sign up for one or more shifts! Also, you are invited to share this link with others that may be able to lend a hand.   The timelines given are estimated times.  If you need special times or have any questions, please contact Brenda Kozlowski, Parish Life @ gro.a1503032256isats1503032256anats1503032256@iksw1503032256olzoK1503032256B1503032256 or call 248-689-8380 ext 103.

Thank you so much for your gift of time to our beloved brothers and sisters in Christ!

Online sign-up here!

Justice & Peace

The mission of the South Oakland Vicariate Justice and Peace Committee is to promote the common good through educational opportunities and outreach programs based on Catholic Social Teaching.  On Oct. 22 we will be sponsoring our third interfaith forum between Jews, Muslims and Catholics.  WE have done educational sessions on immigration, human trafficking, hunger and other social issues.  The group meets at different parishes each month, usually the first Monday of the month, so contact Kathy Peterson at 248-689-3294 for current information.

Looking for SOS Overnight Hosts Week of September 17

St. Anastasia will be assisting our neighbors, Big Beaver United Methodist, as they host residents from the South Oakland Shelter (SOS) the week of September 17-25. They are in need of volunteers for overnight hosts, particularly during the week from Sunday night to Friday morning. The role involves being on-site during the evening through morning hours to assist with any issues that may arise. They will be slotting 4 people per shift. Two shifts are available each day: 8pm to 1am and 1am to 6am. Please contact Tom Hartzell, St. Anastasia parishioner, at ten.t1503032256ta@ll1503032256eztra1503032256ht1503032256 or 248.839.4445 with your availability or if have any questions.


Stephen Ministry needs you

How does St. Anastasia bring Christ’s healing love to hurting individuals?


Stephen Ministry at St. Anastasia Catholic Church has an effective way to train and organize members to provide one-to-one Christian care to individuals struggling with a crisis like grief, divorce, loneliness, relocation, hospitalization, a terminal illness, or unemployment.  In these current difficult times, the need for this type of care greatly exceeds what pastors alone can provide (based on the number of parishioners and the schedule of pastor).  All of us, Christians, are called to care for and love one another. By equipping laypeople, we can help them fulfill their calling to share their spiritual gifts and help expand the amount of caring ministry available through St. Anastasia.


If you are prompted to answer God’s call to serve as a Stephen Minister, St. Anastasia will be hosting a series of training sessions starting in October once a week til April.  Please contact Kim Houseman or moc.l1503032256iamg@1503032256ekzto1503032256ksmei1503032256luj1503032256">Julie Skotzke  for an application or for any questions.

248.689.8380 x112.


Charities Awareness Week – In-Tents

August 21st-24th

Would you change places with a homeless person for one night? Would you give up a night of the comforts of home if that meant shelter for countless others?

Dozens of your fellow parishioners have embraced the above challenge and will be Sleeping-Out on our parish grounds for the homeless.  It will be an exciting week as we all grow in our understanding of the plight of the poor and help raise money for some organizations which are close to our heart.

If you recognize a name below, please consider financially supporting their commitment to helping the poor.  Sleep-Out participants who will be raising money for our parish Chapter of St. Vincent de Paul are:

  • Meghan Gornick, Julie Skotzke, Florence Parent, Mary Stoll, Maria Komasara, Regina Simony, Mary Pat Acord, Donna & Mike Jankowski
  • Steve, Steve Duffy, Tim Yoder, Greg Bright, Chris Stark, Tim Gustafson, Sean McDonnell

Donate online to a SVDP Sleeper or just hand them your donation or drop it off in the parish office with their name.

Sleep-Out parish participants who will be raising money for Mary’s Mantle are:

  • Barb Yagley, Jenni Jaworski, Marianne Carniak, Paula Kast, Beth Collison
  • Steve, Deacon Don Baross, John Carry, Dan Parker, Bill Ris, Jim Collison

To donate to a Mary’s Mantle Sleeper visit, give the donation to the Sleeper or drop it off at Faith @ Work.

Watch for more information to follow in the bulletin.  The solution to homelessness lies within each of us.

Will you join us in changing the landscape of our community one soul at a time?

Call Kim Houseman 248-689-8380 or Beth Collison 248-250-9216 if you want to help with the event.

“If you can’t feed 100 people, feed just one.”

St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta