Business Manager’s Update

From The Office

            Please review the article on the Kroger Community Rewards Program; it’s a good program and St. Anastasia is already reaping the rewards as we will shortly be receiving a check for $207.80. You may see advertisements in the bulletin and around the facility regarding the GoodSearch engine that you can use for internet searches. We were very happy to receive a check from them last week in the amount of $207.68…if you are using GoodSeach please continue, if not please consider starting. We also received a very generous donation from the Pinochle Club. In addition the Euchre Club paid for 4 carts for use in the office that were just over $900…we appreciate all that everyone and every organization does.  

   Regarding the security system, it’s been working well. We’ve been going through some growing pains with it but it gets better all the time. That’s not to say that a few of us haven’t been awakened in the wee hours of the morning to report an alarm trigger; just for fun we had Fr. Mark as the first call, that lasted one night! Our special Security Collection netted us $1,207.25. I can’t thank you enough for coming forward and helping defray the costs for the Security System. It is greatly appreciated; the amount collected for a one week collection in my opinion is outstanding. 

   We are spending $1,115 for a new phone data board; this is the board that controls all the phone and fax extensions throughout the facility. We used the current board as long as we could. We’ve finally gotten to the point where we have no more extensions to transfer and even had to disconnect the phones in the Davidson Center to keep the office phones running. We can’t run the office this way. I hate to spend money, but in this case it’s necessary as repair of the existing board is not an option.

   After a very intense (and I do mean intense) bidding process, we’ve awarded the snow removal contract to Miller Landscaping/Snow Removal. Last year was brutal – as a matter of fact, last year by December 1st we’d already had 3 occurrences and for the season had just over 25 snow removal/de-icing applications. Last winter we incurred costs for snow removal and de-icing of the parking lot and sidewalks that totaled $33,000; the budgeted amount for last year was $20,000 so this played havoc with our budget. This year we signed an annual contract for unlimited snow removal, unlimited occurrences for $7,780, to be paid in 5 equal payments of $1,556 on the 15th of the month starting in December and running through April. This will cover us for snowfalls of up to 10 inches, over 10 inches we will incur an additional charge of $95 per machine hour. De-icing of the parking lot and sidewalks will be $750 per occurrence; the price of salt and de-icer is still way up. While these amounts may seem high, keep in mind we have a huge parking lot and we need to ensure your safety during inclement weather. Being cautious this year, we budgeted $25,000 for snow removal and de-icing. Pray that we are pleasantly surprised and end up with a surplus.

God bless, Franz