Business Manager’s Update

From the Office

   We received some good news from the AOD last week; thanks to your kind generosity, based on pledges received we have achieved our CSA assessment of $237,334 with actual pledges received totaling $247,663.02. If all pledges are met, that means a return to St. Anastasia, tax free (from AOD assessment), of $10,392.02. The actual collected is at $170,424 so the balance to be collected is $77,238.19. Aside from all the good intentions things do happen and some will not be able to meet or keep up their pledges, so not all of the pledged amount will be collected. But we at least have somewhat of a comfort level. Any overage in funds paid will be retuned to St. Anastasia in the spring of next year. Your commitment to St. Anastasia in these economic times is nothing short of miraculous. Please know that you humble the entire staff with your support.

   On Wednesday we will have the Abitibi Paper Recyclers moved up to the front of the parking lot near the Davidson Center to make them more accessible and maybe entice more to use them. As I reported to you previously, we made $1,327.57 last fiscal year and so far this year (Jul 1st to Sep 30th) $501.06. Each recycler holds 2 tons of paper when full, so with the 2 units we have a 4 ton capacity on site. They are picked up on a regular schedule every 2 to 3 weeks….let’s fill these things up. For monthly quantities of up to 4 tons per month, we receive $5/ton; 4 to 8 tons per month we receive $15/ton and for more than 8 tons per month we receive $20/ton. I would be extremely happy to have to call them every couple of days because the bins are full. Please use them and tell your friends, neighbors…anyone you can think of. It not only benefits St. Anastasia, but increases the amount recycled, keeping it out of the trash stream.  

   I am very happy to inform you that the alarm systems and anti-intrusion systems are up and running across the entire property including the rectory as of October 27th. For obvious reasons I won’t detail the operation, location, or any specifics on the systems of the devices other than to tell you we have as secure a site as possible. The systems may not totally prevent a reoccurrence of the incidents, but it increases the difficulty of that intrusion and increases the likelihood that we can catch the individual(s) in the act, identify and / or apprehend the perpetrators. We will get our final invoice in the next couple of weeks. When we get that, I will be sharing the amount with you and ask you to help us with this unexpected but necessary expenditure with a one time special collection. Any shortfall will be made up from the operating budget. Folks – you should be very proud of your St. Anastasia staff. They have risen to the occasion each and every time I’ve asked them to tighten their belts or go without something…and that starts right at the top with Father JJ who leads by example. Isn’t that what stewardship is really all about? Actions speak much louder than words.     

God bless,