Business Manager Updates

From The Office

We had some good things going on this week.  First of all, the good people from Faith at Work donated 10 conference room chairs to us, good chairs in excellent condition. This allowed us to get rid of the ones we had that quite frankly had been repaired so often that you were taking your life in your hands to sit in them. I hope the new comfortable chairs don’t mean longer meetings! Secondly, we had three donors give us a total of $600 in the last couple of months that they wanted applied to the photo sensitive light switch project. We’re happy to announce that project is done and the Administrative Center and Pastoral Center have been wired – thanks to their generosity. Third, we’ve been approved for the Kroger Community Rewards program. It takes a couple days for the approval to go through and for us to receive our UPC code, so watch this column next week for details. Fourth, through your generous weekly contributions, we are able to write a check to the AOD for $41,000 as part of our quarterly loan payment. If we can keep this up, the smaller of the two loans will be paid off in March of 2010, leaving us with one loan to pay off.

Check out our new website (same address as previous –  ( We started work on this project back in June and it’s finally reached fruition. All the credit for the site development and getting it done goes to Marian Bart, our Christian Service Coordinator who worked tirelessly on the project. I know for a fact by talking to the website developer that emails giving instructions were at times coming in at 6:00am all the way to midnight from Marian. We’re fortunate to have someone like Marian on staff here as she truly puts everyone else’s needs before her own.

I’d like you all to consider the Automated Donation Program here at St. Anastasia. It makes continued giving to St. Anastasia much more convenient as there is no weekly check to make out. You simply fill out the form on our website, or you can pick one up in the office and turn it in. You can participate weekly, semi-monthly (on the 15th and 30th) or monthly (on the 30th). Your bank statement will be your receipt; we still record the donations and you will receive a yearly statement form St. Anastasia as you currently do. You can change, stop, or alter your donation amount or program anytime you want by contacting me.  We also now have the capability to make automated donations for Holy Days or Special Collections as well. The system is simple, secure, and reliable. Your information is kept private, only myself, Father JJ and Father Mark have access to your information. It also helps us avoid the huge cost of mailing you out weekly envelopes. Believe it or not, the envelopes we mail to you cost us $12,516 last year. We could save that money and use it to the benefit of the parish community. I’ll have more in next weeks column on this. Please consider participating – we currently have 138 families enrolled and they are all extremely happy with the program.

That’s all for this week. God bless you all ….GO GREEN! Franz