Shoe Collection

Charity Cross Continents is a local charity organization that collects used shoes and sends them to the children that need them in countries such as Botswana and Tanzania.

Help the charity achieve their goal of 3,000 pairs by bringing in new or used shoes (that are clean and in great condition) to the Gathering Space or to the main office the week of July 26 ONLY.  All shoes need to be dropped off by 3 PM on Friday, July 31.  Deliveries will be made August 1st.

Summer Giving

The Giving tree will go up in the Gathering Space August 1.  We will be assisting:

  • St. Moses the Black
  • Loyola High School
  • Br Al – Snack Pax, @ Song & Spirit.

We will pack and Deliver Monday August 17

Look for us!

Peace and goodness to you

Project Rachel

It’s normal to grieve a pregnancy loss, including the loss of a child by abortion. It can form a hole in one’s heart, a hole so deep that sometimes it seems nothing can fill the emptiness.

You are not alone…

Project Rachel is a beautiful way to start healing.

Contact: David

Referral Phone: 888-RACHEL5 or 888-722-4355

Email: David

A Message from Stephen Ministry

“You Got a Problem with That?”

At various times in our lives, we experience challenging problems. We need someone who genuinely cares and actively listens.   At St. Anastasia, we have a group of dedicated, highly-trained, caring ministers, both men and women, who volunteer to be there when we need it most. Call on us. Here are examples of problems and issues people experience:

Recent death of a family member, friend or cherished pet

Job loss or substantial income reduction

Divorce or separation

Emotional distress, loneliness or helplessness

A crisis in your own faith

Call Kim Houseman, (248) 689-8380. She can begin the process of getting you help from a Christ-centered, caring member of the parish, all on a confidential basis. Stephen Ministers Care!

Did you know…CS

  • We bring food weekly to shelters
  • We deliver Focus Hope boxes to our neighbors in Troy down the street once a month
  • We make blankets for ill children in hospitals
  • We feed Troy hungry families weekly from our Troy People concerned Food pantry
  • We go to Troy Beaumont weekly on Sundays, to bring the Eucharist to patients
  • We visit homebound parishioners every week and bring Jesus
  • We meet monthly to plan and problem-solve Christian Service projects
  • We meet with Stephens Care receivers weekly to care for them, and walk their road with them

Christian Service works for you – the people. Please pray for our ministers who serve.

If you want to learn how you can be involved and make a difference, please email Kim or call 248-689-8380.