Free Voice Lessons

Come along, enjoy some really fun voice lessons, and learn to sing your favorite songs and hymns. These lessons will suit beginners, improvers, and people who have sung before and want to get back into it. The lessons are taught by youth music minister and expert voice instructor Josh Ross of the J-RO School of Music. Come during your lunch break. Bring the whole family. This is a community event put on by the J-RO School of Music and St. Anastasia for the benefit of the parishioners, the local community, and for all who would love to sing.

Time: Mondays 12pm-12:50pm

Starting Monday March 9th

Location: Davidson Center

Email Josh to register today.

(Any free-will donations will be gladly accepted.)

What’s The Legion of Mary?

We in the Legion of Mary often get asked this question. We are a group of lay people under Mary’s leadership, with a plan of action to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the truths of our Catholic faith.

We visit those in care facilities or at home to bring friendship and, more importantly, the Eucharist; we visit homes in the neighborhood to invite people to our church; we lead Rosaries at wakes, teach young and old the purpose and value of praying the Rosary, promote Divine Mercy and Eucharistic Adoration and the de Montfort Consecration, and much more.

We meet Thursdays at 10:15 a.m. in Room E. Drop in any Thursday and find out more! No pressure, no commitment. Or call Sylvia at 248-524-1108.

Fr. Anthony’s Bible Study

Fr. Anthony’s bible study will be on a brief hiatus February 11-25, not meeting for those 3 weeks.  The current plan is to resume on March 4.

In general, Fr. Anthony Camilleri offers a Wednesday-after-Mass (so around 10:30 AM till 11:30) Bible study in meeting room B. The topic is the upcoming Sunday’s readings. Please invite your friends along!

Eucharistic Adoration

Listen!  Jesus is calling you!  Come and spend some time with the One who gives Abundant Life.  See the chart below to get an idea of open adoration times, and contact Dominic Bologna to sign up.

To Ponder

Are we not perhaps all afraid in some way? If we let Christ enter fully into our lives, if we open ourselves totally to him, are we not afraid that He might take something away from us? Are we not perhaps afraid to give up something significant, something unique, something that makes life so beautiful? Do we not then risk ending up diminished and deprived of our freedom? . . . No! If we let Christ into our lives, we lose nothing, nothing, absolutely nothing of what makes life free, beautiful and great. No! Only in this friendship are the doors of life opened wide. Only in this friendship is the great potential of human existence truly revealed. Only in this friendship do we experience beauty and liberation. And so, today, with great strength and great conviction, on the basis of long personal experience of life, I say to you, dear young people: Do not be afraid of Christ! He takes nothing away, and he gives you everything. When we give ourselves to him, we receive a hundredfold in return. Yes, open, open wide the doors to Christ – and you will find true life. Amen.

-Pope Benedict XVI