Sometimes when my husband and I have enjoyed a great evening with friends, I have looked back on it with a degree of embarrassment, realizing that we told or heard the same tales with the same group of people before.  But recently I came to a deeper awareness that the old stories are the best ones in many ways.  What a gift it is to know each other well enough and long enough to have the good stories be retold. What a treasure it is to find a new detail in the hearing or the telling.  What a joy it is to have tradition, history, patience, and savoring –  memories shared and built and reinforced in a living, dynamic equivalent of scrapbooks and home movies.

Let’s delight in that idea as we explore Scripture, too – whether it be in the ancient cycle of readings at Mass, or during a class (Yay! Fall is here!), or in our intimate communication with the Word of God.  The Author Himself has much to share, again and again, for our benefit.

Your Pickle,
Marian Bart
Parish Catechetical Leader

Happily Ever After

01189687_interactive_aI have a cool new app on my phone called Laudate.  I like to sit on my patio with my morning coffee and use it to read about a saint and ponder the daily Scriptures.  Because of the app, I recently noticed a Feast Day that I never paid attention to before:  The Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  It got me to thinking….

Small girls in suburban democracies dream of becoming princesses.  We digest the movies; we wear the costumes; we belt out the songs.  Not-as-small girls in American grocery stores gaze with some longing at magazine covers featuring royal weddings and heirs.  It’s silly, we know, but the desire is there.  Why?…  //  LEARN MORE

Chapel Prayer

I love our Divine Mercy chapel, don’t you? It’s a beautiful place to spend 10 minutes or even an hour focusing on what really matters. While I was praying in there a few days ago, this prayer came to my heart.

Yes, He Is

Chances are pretty good that we all either know or belong to a family in which one of the children has a serious condition that requires a LOT of time, attention, administration and care.  What would happen if someone said to the parents, “I can see how much you love that child; I bet you don’t love your other children at all.”…  //  LEARN MORE

Jottings from Fr. J.J.

A Little Home Town Pride
There are official guidelines set by the Archdiocese for Catholic Schools that deal with the quality and standards of teaching the Catholic Faith.  There are different, i.e. less stringent standards set for Parish Religious Ed programs.  I am happy to repeat something that Marian Bart, our Parish Catechetical Leader, said about St. Anastasia’s Religious Ed program: “We are nailing it!”   What she then went on to explain is that the Religious Education we offer our kids, even exceeds the guidelines set for Catholic Schools.  Good job St. Anastasia Religious Ed Team!

If you want to see our team shine, stop in during our Vacation Bible School this week.  They do an awesome job!!  Please pray for its success….  //  LEARN MORE