Are You Ready?

“You can’t help but grow – it makes you strive for greater holiness.”

“We became close to each other.  This is what we want from the Lord: greater intimacy.”

“It has helped me want to live out the Sacrament of Confirmation more fully in my life.”

“Each of us being at a different level of our faith made it helpful.”

“I learned how to pray for others (It reinforced that I pray A-OK!) and to know I have support.”

“I needed more knowledge, and this is what gave it to me.”

“The first retreat was amazing; I looked forward to each one and felt closer to God after each one.”

“An awesome experience – so thankful to have this opportunity to nourish my relationship with God.”

“It was a source of encouragement and refreshment.”

“I have studied these topics before, but this was much more personal and prayerful.”

“It helped move my faith from my head to my heart.”

“I developed a CONSTANT desire to follow Jesus as his disciple.”

“My prayer life is much richer and quieter now.”

“It has given me more confidence in sharing my faith with others.”


Listen! Does it sound like the Lord is calling you closer?  The words above are all from folks who participated in our Catholic2Catholic Discipleship Process last year.  They loved it.  Will you?  Come to the meeting on Thursday, July 18 at 7 PM in Room B to find out more, or contact me for more information.

Your Pickle,
Marian Bart
Parish Catechetical Leader